středa 21. září 2016

ATSM #212 - Make Your Mark

This week at ATSM is a Make your mark! That means  you are ought to use of anything that can make a mark - Stampin' Write, Copics, Promarkers, Painting, Chalks, Watercolours, Sponges, Stencils, Masks etc etc... There are so many possibilities, so I hope there will be a lot of participants!

As a motivation to join us our sponsor Happy Little Stampers offers you the chance of winning a
$15 gift certificate!

I went with my usual 'markers' and those are water color pencils with highlights made of acrylic paint. I used my favorite Penny Black stamps and I went with Christmas theme because I'm already counting the day till Christmas :D

For the first one I used my favorite Christmas color combination of dark green and red and used a fun flakes paper. Wasn't sure how to arrange the stamp print on the card so I came out  with this layout and I really liked it.

So for the other cards I went with this already invented layout and just used different materials.

I'm not much into a light blue Christmas variation, but I guess a lot of people like it and I had this cute paper with snowman!

 The third one is light green which is more of a spring color, but this deer paper is just gorgeous so I combined it with the red again and I think it went well.

These animal stamps are so cute, but are too large for my regular cards, so I made these big ones, which can be also used for giving cash or vouchers of any kind :).


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you got a bit inspired and will join us at the Addicted to Stamps and More challenge this week!

And I'm also submitting these cards to other challenges: - AG with sesons - pencils  - critters and creatures favourite color combo (red and green)

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